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Foundation Preparatory Academy High School coming soon in  Yavapai, Cochise and Yuma Counties, Arizona
The Foundation Preparatory Academy Charter School (hence forth known as: Foundation Preparatory Academy will open its doors to assist 14 – 21 year olds in the completion of their high school education and gain the necessary skills to enable them to enter a career of their choice or continue in a college and graduate programs with emphases in either law or medicine.  Unique and innovative, the Academy will offer an alternative Public Education for students committed to pursuing preparatory development in Law, Business and Medicine.
The curriculum will attract students and those “turned off” by traditional school and large school settings absent of preparatory programs nurturing academic development in Law, Business and Medicine.  Students will have the opportunity to develop their skills in order to complete all requirements for high school graduation and get targeted into a job that relates to their career choice or start a post-graduate program in law or medicine, either at a community college, technical, trade or business school, university or home-based business.  Further, The Foundation Preparatory Academy will develop and hone their skills to achieve success. The Academy will enable the student to make the transition into adulthood by joining the workforce and/or continuing on in their education and/or training.
The Core curriculum will be taught aligned with the Arizona Standards.  Vocational pursuits will be developed through articulation agreements with various community colleges, trade and technical schools and businesses. The Foundation Preparatory Academy will take on the characteristics or a career and education “clearinghouse” for young people who are looking to move forward in their lives.
The Foundation Preparatory Academy’s curriculum will address 7 major areas of challenge for students:
  1. – Students are expected to demonstrate skills in reading, writing, and mathematics, according to the Arizona State Standards, AIMS and Stanford 9 tests.  Weekly recognition of students will be made as they progress through their subject areas.
  2. – Students are expected to begin focusing on a career field.  The focus can be exploratory or of strong interest.  Elective classes will be taken in their career field in Law and Medicine.  They will be required to demonstrate an understanding of their career interest, research job requirements and qualifications and interview persons working in the field.  This will also be a section in their Portfolio.
  3. – Students are expected to behave in a manner that shows they know how to solve problems, resolve conflicts, work with others, and behave appropriately.  Weekly character awards will be issued to students.
  4. – Students show they know how to explore real-life problems, gather information using a variety of technologies, and demonstrate individuality in presenting their findings.
  5. Students will present an annual exhibition designed to demonstrate their strengths and ability to reflect and assess their own work.  The exhibition will document their progress in the challenge areas.
  6. Students prepare a presentation of the Foundation Preparatory Academy’s philosophy and goals, aimed toward persons not yet familiar with the school.  The project helps students develop a greater understanding of the school and pride in what Foundation seeks to accomplish.
  7. Students will complete 100 hours of community service per year. This service is designed to develop youngsters’ sense of altruism, broaden their awareness of career options, and develop strong citizenship values.
These are challenges with which kids can identify.  We feel that this population is best served by hands-on, project-oriented activities relative to their lives and their goals.
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